The perfect coffee

After the school run today I found myself meandering home on a bit of a long way ’round.
Ah ha! That’s me pretending I’m not going for a coffee and then, oh look, while we’re here lets get a coffee….
I always seem to start this kind of thing as a kind of chore-avoidance-tactic. And there were plenty of reasons not to be sneaking off for a latte. Baby in sling was first reason. She hasn’t had her first feed yet. Usual rush out the door and the excitement of a mobilising family is just too exiting to be bothering about milk. Also I’m dragging my firstborn’s transport home with me, no easy feat. I keep banging my shins with it. And lastly it’s raining.
So why am I really propelling myself the very long way home? Is the coffee that good? Well, I got my comeuppance. Forgot my wallet.
Not to worry, my homemade latte wasn’t too bad, and it was much cheaper.
And tomorrow I’ll think of a good reason why I have to go for a latte.


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