You know it’s going to be a good day with a 3 year superhero old bursts into your room at 7 in the morning, (after you’ve probably only been asleep for an hour) and shouts “watch out everyone, I’m superglue”!
We have had a topsy turvy year with our little man since his sister was born. That’s putting it very politely indeed. I have been known to phone my husband and ask him if it’s almost home time yet and it’s actually only lunchtime, such is my distress and terror about what he will throw my way next.
The huge saving grace though, about my wonderful little delinquent is his emerging language. He really has me cracking up in a regular basis. Yesterday he asked me what was wrong with my poor old head. Today I heard him encouraging his sister ….”dood dirl, you can do it, open up…” at which point I spun around, just in time to save the squiggle from a dessert spoon of self raising flour.
At dinner this evening he launched into a big long story about the fire drill at nursery and the fact that they will be setting up a little “catapillow” farm in his classroom. He told us the whole catapillow to butterfly process in surprisingly grown up detail.
It’s just amazing. He has gone from stringing words together , literally just a line of words, to someone with their own style and tone .
He is 3 going on 83 with his “oh I’m afraid I can’t have broccoli mummy, you see my tummy dust can’t be bothered” or “oh dear Deary me, I don’t want that story daddy”. Just priceless. We try so so hard not to laugh as its serious stuff, being 3 but sometimes the quaking with laughter does escape.
We also have to be very careful with what we say. I can’t go to the doctors surgery anymore after he told the receptionist that she didn’t look very much like a cow even though that’s what his mummy said.
Not to mention what he has told my poor MIL. Eeek
My favourite though is car language. It’s the absolute worst but also the funniest. My husband is what you might call an angry driver. One day, after a particularly trying ikea session we were heading home and some poor driver hesitated for a second on the roundabout. Dear old hubby seems to have forgotten our almost 3year old perched in the back soaking up whatever comes his way because he shouts “come on you pussy” to the driver in front. Silence ensues throughout the car. I glanced at hubby, who it has suddenly dawned on what he has done and we both look forward again hoping this outburst went un-noticed. And we thought it had until 5 minutes down the road a little shout from the back “tum on you puddy tat”. We were both silently laughing so much we had tears running down our faces. (going with the ignore it tactic, hoping it goes away fast). He has delighted with himself. Kept it up for a good 2 weeks after that. I drove around our neighbour hood with the windows tightly shut for quite some time in case any yummy mummy heard my little toddlers road rage….oops.
That’s Mother nature for you. She gives you a very trying terrible two/threenager who can reduce you to tears in an instant, then she makes you laugh so hard it hurts. Brilliant.


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