Polar bears are blue

That’s what I have been informed of this morning! We are very into colours at the moment.
“mummy, you know at nursery?, you know the door that’s blue on one side, the side for sitting, and white on the other side, the side for waiting , and there is a red door before that, that is red in the side not for sitting too, is that one after the green door?”
Oh dear, I really will have to pay more attention.
Littlest squiggle is on the move. All day today and yesterday afternoon we have had elevation on the posterior! Time to hide my stuff all over again. It’s a very exiting time, but also total mayhem about to kick in.
And a tooth, poking out now, her first, and she is letting us all know. This morning she grabbed her breakfast spoon of weetabix, gave it a sideways glance before discarding it on the deep pile rug with a look of complete disgust. Oh, now how dare we present her with breakfast when she is in this frame of mind.
The rain is not helping. It is making the kids fractious and bored and it’s making me eat biscuits! Come on summer, we need you now.


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