Secret shopper

I think I’d like to be a secret shopper.
Lots of such random thought going on here at the moment as I would like some financial independence (just some please) and still mind my monkeys . So far I’ve come up with Avon lady (I don’t wear
Makeup very much so probably a no go)
Cleaning product sales (I don’t clean so no)
Cake taster (this would work but I don’t see this advertised much)
Coffee taster (I do this, a lot. I pay)

Yes. As you can see I’m not getting far. I think I might start to review the places I drink coffee…..hmmmmmm. Hence my secret shopper thoughts. I’d still have to pay though. Hubby darling wouldn’t be too happy if I spent all the weeks grocery shopping on latte’s.
I’m still thinking…..


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