Monthly Archives: May, 2012

Hairy men

I thought I was doing a great job. I thought i was so right on. I put my career on hold for a few years so I could take care of the kids. Not that it was very hard. I had quite a stressful job. Loads of responsibilities, everything done at speed, working lunches etc. I thought yea, look after the kids, get them a good start in life, go to the park, drink coffee……
And then the little man says
“I don’t want to be hairy and a man when I’m a grown up, I’m going to be a lady”
Now there’s a statement to stop me in my nappy changing tracks. And why would he have come to this conclusion?
“ladies don’t have to go to work. They just stay home and clean up the breakfast things”!!!
So, it starts already. I can hear myself whinging,
“no one appreciates what I do all day. I’m not the maid”
Seems I am. So, so much for a great start. My son thinks men are hairy and cycle to work, ladies just put away the breakfast things and make dessert and he thinks you can choose to be either!
So we, rather I, (I could see him drifting off to the Lego in his mind already), had this big long monologue about all the ladies we know who have (real) jobs, about how I used to have a job in an office and cycle to work, about how men can stay home and mind the kids too…..he turns to me all serious and says
“is Iggle piggle bigger than me?”


Secrets (not shopping this time)

The thing about hanging out with a 3 year old is you can no longer have secrets. They don’t believe in them.
Try making a secret birthday cake for Dad.
Recipe for madness;
1.Spend ages researching recipes that suit everyone, birthday dad, helpful and keen 3 yr old cook, somewhat inept mother and also-keen-to-be-involved baby.
2. Squeeze in secret shopping of ingredients for (now looking more complex) cake between already hectic life and rain.
3. Somehow manage to clean (ish) house, get washing and nappy wash done, wash-up, get dinner going before 11 in the morning.
4. Collect hungry toddler from nursery.
5. Eat lunch. (well, they eat/throw/shout. You just run back and forth trying to anticipate next request).
6.Clean up
7.Get baby to bed
8. Finally start cake. Follow instructions. Try very carefully to encourage and praise little man while at the same time trying to keep mixture in bowl, read I instructions (again, why does nothing stick these days), chase eggs (where are the eggs?), and finally….
9. Tadaaaaa, eggs located, mixture in tin in oven, toddlers hands washed of all the mixture (” just went there mummy”) and phew.
10. Once it’s done, iced and decorated and then very carefully hidden for tomorrow sit and have a cup of coffee.

I’m feeling quite pleased with the logistical mayhem I managed to negotiate today. We have just talked about how daddy will get such a lovely surprise tomorrow when he sees his cake. We are all exited and pleased with ourselves.

Then half an hour later himself gets home and little man runs straight out. Before Hubby even manages a hello he hears this…
“and today daddy we made a secret cake for your birthday and we hided it in the cupboard in the kitchen and we are going to give it to you tomorrow and mummy said a very naughty thing because she couldnt find the eggs and they were in the fridge but she didn’t see them and I licked the cake before it was in the oven but it’s ok because I washed my tongue and missy moo pulled my hair and did a poo in her nappy and Ann doesn’t have a key for the rubbish truck men and mummy lost her hat and missy moo’d hat and I like secrets…..”