Monthly Archives: June, 2012

Moving on

I think it’s safe to say I am having a particularly busy few weeks. In just 9 days we are moving home. We are not moving very far, just a couple of miles down the road but it may as well be to outer Russia for the amount of organising I’m having to do.
And it is exiting. A new chapter, a new home. But first we have to leave this one.
We moved into a bit of a shell of a house but it was ours. It had more than one bedroom and a garden! It even had a funny little square void that was apparently a fireplace. We felt very grown up. Six and a half years later it has seen one marriage, shed loads of painting and drilling, scraping and filling, one beard (not me, him), 2 babies , and an ever changing life.
When we moved in I was a professional career woman. I careered by day, shopped through my lunchtimes, dined out on a very regular basis. My husband (then boyfriend) and I used to meet for fancy lunches almost every week….imagine?
At weekends we used to sleep, paint, go on weekends away to exotic cities (by plane, we’re not talking Brighton here).
Now I’m a full time carer for my children. I think a trip to lidl is exiting. I think a trip to Sainsbury’s is a treat! I get exited about having a cup of coffee on my own and if I wake up and it’s sunny my first thought isn’t “oh lovely, which beer garden shall we go to after work?” it’s “oh quick, wash in now so I can hang it out early and get it dry”.
I may whinge about my life but really I wouldn’t change it for anything right now. And all this is just a new chapter and things always change. My friends will always be my friends wherever I am.
So moving on and moving out. It’s a bit scary but will work out in the end.
Now, let’s get back to the boxes…..



One kid, two kid, pink fish, blue fish

Now I know it’s perfectly obvious and completely reasonable but it still comes as a shock to me how different my kids are. I mean you’d think because they are both made up of the same ingredients, same parents, same everything , that they would somehow be the same. But they are not. They are completely different people to each other as they should be. What’s unreasonable is that I’m ever surprised.

My little man is blonde, mostly quiet and well behaved (in public anyway), likes reading books and spending ages putting together his train set. He is also a total mama’s boy. In fact he will only accept someone other than me in the past year or so, including his daddy!
My daughter is dark, short, loud, mad to the core. If you try and read her a book she grabs it off you and bashes you repeatedly on the head with it. If we make a train set we have to do it on a raised surface as she can create a tornado effect in 30 seconds flat. We haven’t ever baby proofed our house as it wasn’t needed. My son never broke anything! Her nibs has so far broken 4 plates in one go. She just pulled the entire stack out of the cupboard in one movement! She is a social being, and it’s not just her age. She is like one of those dogs on the beach that wants to go home with whoever gives them crisps.
My son was stomping around the furniture at 8 months. He didn’t crawl for more than a day as thought cruising was far more efficient.
Her ladyship was less physical in that respect. She does crawl but like to spend more time learning words! Words? Little man didn’t say anything other than “dadadadadadada” till he was over a year. She has a whole dictionary and she is 10 months old.
I know it’s not right to compare any children but I love the differences between my two. Keeps me in my toes and keeps everyone entertained. The best thing about them both though, and this they do have in common; They are mad about each other. If he is at nursery she is constantly looking over your shoulder for him and when we do pick him up they are truly delighted to see one another.
Little parenting bonus.