I’ve been many things so I’ll just throw them all in here, not in chronological order or anything sensible like that.
I’m a mother, a childminder, a foreigner in a foreign country, an architect, a coffee fiend, a stroppy woman, chief washer upper, financial consultant, a wife, a cake eater, a whinger (who doesn’t like to be that once in a while), a cyclist, a friend, a good friend, a boss, a (sometimes) hippy, a globe trotter, a telesales person, a cleaner (still am but don’t get paid anymore), bar person, people watcher, big sister and when I get a chance, just me.
I’ve been thinking about doing a blog for a while as a way of talking things over with myself, rather than my almost-asleep poor husband at 11 at night. This way no-one has to listen unless they want to.
I have 2 small children. Little man is 3, little lady is 9 months. They have taught me so much in the short time they’ve been here and they really make me who I am (even the shrieking fishwife woman , yes). They drive me mad, they push me to the edge, they make me cry, they wear me out and still, I want to keep them. How do they do that?
I’m no expert at all this parenting and I’ll never tell anyone how to parent their own kids but maybe my tales will amuse you, even make you laugh. Maybe you are in the same boat and it’ll just make you feel like you are not alone in the madness.
Thanks for reading.



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