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Kiss kiss

My 13 month old daughter has taken to kissing. In fact it’s safe to say she’s taken to it in such a big way I’d say it’s her main activity.
She kisses her mama. She kisses her Daddy and her big brother (a lot) . She kisses books, especially books with cats or dogs in them. She kisses teddy and cat and even the remote control. She blows kisses out the window of the car to traffic lights, buses, clouds and anyone walking by. And today she blew kisses to the two builders at our house, solidly, for about 20 minutes.
And while she was doing this I realised that this is a bit of magic going on here. You see these builders were in a foul mood. Their lousy boss had just told them they weren’t getting paid today. Without going into detail of all this nasty boss stuff it’s safe to say they were grumpy, broke builders.
Now, here’s the magic. By the end of their full quota of 20 minutes of kisses blown by the sweetie pie herself they were happy, jolly, joking builders. They had forgotten about their lack of pay packets totally. Instead they were blowing kisses back to her.
She was very pleased with herself and so she did them the honour of showing them her new shoes.
Once I was at a traffic light in the car and the pedestrian light had just turned red. A young man, school uniform but shaving already so about 15/16 already stepped out just as I started to accelerate.screwup led rather abruptly and wound down the window at speed to begin my usual ranting but he got there first. He started getting all cross and fuming and turning a lovely shade of beetroot. So I stopped my own rant and watched him for a bit.
When he paused I made a kissy face at him. Who knows what I was thinking but I did and then I laughed. He went even redder and stalked off with his chin in the air. Then I looked across at the next car and they were laughing hysterically.
So maybe next time someone is getting all life-rage, blow them a kiss. You never know what will happen. You might even make them laugh.