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Hairy men

I thought I was doing a great job. I thought i was so right on. I put my career on hold for a few years so I could take care of the kids. Not that it was very hard. I had quite a stressful job. Loads of responsibilities, everything done at speed, working lunches etc. I thought yea, look after the kids, get them a good start in life, go to the park, drink coffee……
And then the little man says
“I don’t want to be hairy and a man when I’m a grown up, I’m going to be a lady”
Now there’s a statement to stop me in my nappy changing tracks. And why would he have come to this conclusion?
“ladies don’t have to go to work. They just stay home and clean up the breakfast things”!!!
So, it starts already. I can hear myself whinging,
“no one appreciates what I do all day. I’m not the maid”
Seems I am. So, so much for a great start. My son thinks men are hairy and cycle to work, ladies just put away the breakfast things and make dessert and he thinks you can choose to be either!
So we, rather I, (I could see him drifting off to the Lego in his mind already), had this big long monologue about all the ladies we know who have (real) jobs, about how I used to have a job in an office and cycle to work, about how men can stay home and mind the kids too…..he turns to me all serious and says
“is Iggle piggle bigger than me?”